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Product Specifications and Features

Over 1500 copies sold in e-Book format and now it is finally available in print!

The Soy Candle Making Book will save you an incredible amount of time! Everything you need to make beautiful soy candles is right in this book. (except the supplies, of course)

Most people spend hours searching the internet for soy candle recipes, troubleshooting, how to find the right wick, the best places to buy supplies and on and on. I KNOW because I've been there!

YOU don't have to be one of those people!

I want you to be able to find everything you need right HERE so you don't have to waste all that precious time when you could be getting right down to making your candles, whether you are starting a business, have a business already, or just wanting to start a hobby.

In this Book You'll Find:

An extensive section on finding the right wick including a list of all the different types of wicks for soy wax and an explanation of each, with sizing recommendations.

Learn about soy wax pros and cons as well as a list of ALL the different types of soy wax and my thoughts about some of the kinds I've tested and which are my favorites!

An explanation of each tool and ingredient that is used in making soy candles as well as a list of fragrance oils I have personally found to have a great scent throw.

A COMPLETE list of US soy candle making suppliers by state, as well as some suppliers in Australia, Canada and the UK!

Product Review The Soy Candle Making Book


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