Outdoor Living: A Guide to Design, Construction and Budgeting

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Product Specifications and Features

Outdoor Living: A Guide to Design, Construction, and Budgeting is a practical guide for consumers who are considering investing in landscapes and outdoor living spaces. Inside this book, readers will discover how to identify quality contractors, how much a project could cost, and ways to enhance their enjoyment of their exterior spaces. This is not a DIY guide, but a rather, a resource to help people understand how to maximize their investment and protect themselves when working with contractors. An educated consumer is able to make the best decision for their circumstances. Dr. Greg Davis, Associate Professor at Kansas State University said, "You'll find in this book many photographs of successful implementation of excellent landscape design projects for outdoor living spaces, and Robyn shares with you some keys to success for those installations. She will show you how to to things yourself if you are so inclined, but because most of us have neither the time, talent, access to high quality materials to embark on such ambitious projects, she goes to lengths to explain in detail what these projects should cost." Davis also says, "If you are someone who is interested in enhancing your outdoor living environment at home or at work, then you will find this to be a unique piece of work. As a landscape design professor, I have bookcases stacked with books about landscape design and construction, and not one of them conveys the central message you will find in this book: that is, "This is the type of quality you should expect from your investment in your outdoor living spaces- and what you should expect it to cost."

Product Review Outdoor Living: A Guide to Design, Construction and Budgeting