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Garden Lighting: Design, Inspiration, Techniques (Hamlyn Gardening)Cheap  Garden Lighting: Design, Inspiration, Techniques (Hamlyn Gardening)

A practical and inspirational guide to using lighting to maximize enjoyment of your garden; Lighting solutions for patios, eating areas, conservatories, roof gardens, pathways and terraces; Lighting techniques for different effects; How to choose lighting hardware, from solar power to fluorescent lights and projectors; Colour....
Price : $76.53

Interior Lighting for DesignersCheap  Interior Lighting for Designers

This revised edition of the successful primer thoroughly covers fundamentals of lighting design, and also serves as a handy reference for professional designers. The Fifth Edition is more comprehensive than ever, with new information on LED, energy efficiency, and other current issues. In addition, it....
Price : $69.12

Lighting Design BasicsCheap  Lighting Design Basics

A visual, real-world guide to professional lighting designLighting Design Basics is the essential guide to this basic, but difficult-to-master aspect of interior design. Offering fundamental concepts and prescriptive techniques in a highly visual format, this book provides clear, practical guidance on utilizing the latest in....
Price : $50.10

Heating, Cooling, Lighting: Sustainable Design Methods for ArchitectsCheap  Heating, Cooling, Lighting: Sustainable Design Methods for Architects

Sustainable environmental control through building design Heating, Cooling, and Lighting is the industry standardtext on environmental control systems with the emphasis onsustainable design. By detailing the many factors that contributeto the comfort in a building, this book helps architects minimizemechanical systems and energy usage over....
Price : $88.87

Lighting and the Design Idea (Wadsworth Series in Theatre)Cheap  Lighting and the Design Idea (Wadsworth Series in Theatre)

Understand the design process with LIGHTING AND THE DESIGN IDEA, Third Edition! With coverage of professional theatre practices in both commercial and residential theater, this text emphasizes the process by which lighting designers turn their ideas about a piece into the medium of stage lighting.....
Price : $136.44

Lighting Design BasicsCheap  Lighting Design Basics

The essential book of lighting for professional designers, now updated and revised Providing the fundamental information new designers need to succeed in a concise, highly visual format, the Second Edition of Lighting Design Basics presents realistic goals that can be used as a guide to....
Price : $98.29

Stage Lighting Design (Crowood Theatre Companions)Cheap  Stage Lighting Design (Crowood Theatre Companions)

This comprehensive introduction traces the evolution of lighting design from ancient drama to contemporary performance. It covers everythingfrom the simple nuts and bolts of equipment to the complexity of a full lighting rig, including all aspects of the stage electrician and lighter designer's roles. This revised....
Price : $21.31

Lighting for Interior Design (Portfolio Skills)Cheap  Lighting for Interior Design (Portfolio Skills)

Without light, interior architecture cannot be fully designed and experienced. It is one of the key tools for an interior designer, but can be a dauntingly technical subject for students. This book takes a detailed, practical look at lighting in interior design, giving students all....
Price : $17.15

Understanding Garden Design: The Complete Handbook for Aspiring DesignersCheap  Understanding Garden Design: The Complete Handbook for Aspiring Designers

Designing a garden is a complex task. Where do you start? What kind of skills do you need? What are the logical steps in creating a design? How do you communicate your ideas to a client, and how do you accommodate a client’s requests while....
Price : $17.99

Premium Stainless Steel Solar Garden Lights - Super-Bright 15 Lumens - Perfect..Cheap  Premium Stainless Steel Solar Garden Lights - Super-Bright 15 Lumens - Perfect..

Beautify your garden or flower beds and pathways with this set of SIX Super-Bright 15 Lumen, premium stainless steel LED Solar Accent Lights! You'll love the look! Just plant them into the ground. The stake has a sharp point and won't require much pushing to....
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