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Creating Small Formal GardensCheap  Creating Small Formal Gardens

"Well illustrated, instructive and fun"--The Observer. Resurrect the forgotten art of the formal garden, full of elegance and enchantment, even in the smallest backyards. Intimate and complex or simple and streamlined, these 24 arrangements--worthy of a king but suitable everywhere--share such wonderfully theatrical devices as....
Price : $165.96

Art of the Formal GardenCheap  Art of the Formal Garden

Today's "formal garden" features an exciting combination of elegant and romantic elements. These 12 richly illustrated arrangements, created by a leading designer, feature "imaginative symmetry"--the free planting of plants within a symmetrical framework. The result: a dynamic blend of rustic and urban, open and hidden....
Price : $40.98

Royal Gardens: Extraordinary Edens from Around the WorldCheap  Royal Gardens: Extraordinary Edens from Around the World

Throughout history and around the world, monarchies have overseen the creation of splendid gardens on the grounds of their royal palaces, leaving a legacy of incredibly gorgeous places rich with historical importance. These gardens were conceived not only for the pleasure of kings and queens....
Price : $21.63

English Formal Garden: Five Centuries of DesignCheap  English Formal Garden: Five Centuries of Design

This beautifully illustrated book offers an authoritative account of the development, features, and leading people and places of the architectural garden in England.The book begins with a short garden history from pre-Roman times through the Middle Ages, then leads into a discussion of the influence....
Price : $49.98

Creating Formal GardensCheap  Creating Formal Gardens

Presents a variety of options in garden design, including rose-covered pergolas, scalloped hedges, intricate knots, mazes, and topiary, and aromatic herb gardens
Price : $36.50

Gardens of Court and Country: English Design 1630-1730Cheap  Gardens of Court and Country: English Design 1630-1730

Gardens of Court and Country provides the first comprehensive overview of the development of the English formal garden from 1630 to 1730. Often overshadowed by the English landscape garden that became fashionable later in the 18th century, English formal gardens of the 17th century displayed....
Price : $42.34

The Formal Garden: Traditions of Art and NatureCheap  The Formal Garden: Traditions of Art and Nature

The Idea of the formal garden evokes clear and specific images: the Renaissance symmetry of the Villa Lante; the knots and mazes of Hampton Court; the immense vistas of Versailles. But how well founded are our preconceptions in fact?In this major study new research combines....
Price : $44.53

Topiary, Knots and ParterresCheap  Topiary, Knots and Parterres

After a brief survey of Roman topiary, this book moves on through the formal parterres of Renaissance Italy and the more elaborate broderies of the royal French gardens (copied in palace gardens throughout Europe), the complicated conceits of the Tudors and the geometry of the....
Price : $39.38

The Formal Garden in EnglandCheap  The Formal Garden in England

Many of the earliest books, particularly those dating back to the 1900s and before, are now extremely scarce and increasingly expensive. We are republishing these classic works in affordable, high quality, modern editions, using the original text and artwork.
Price : $26.16

Art of the Formal GardenCheap  Art of the Formal Garden

Rediscover the romantic grace of symmetry with this delightful peek into resplendent gardens throughout Europe. Breathtaking, full-color photos draw you in with their magical tranquility. Hedges, herbaceous borders, water, arches and pergolas, avenues, paths, and entrances, mosaics, and much more are shown in all their....
Price : $56.30


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